Keele Nightline is currently closed pending further notice
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We Are Here To Listen


Keele Nightline is a confidential Listening and Information Service, available to all Keele students.

We operate between the hours of 9pm and 3am, every night during the semester, a time when few other services are available.

We understand that coming to University is a very exciting prospect for most students, and some individuals will ease through their degree without ever encountering any problems. However, for some students, University can present the occasional problem, whether it is personal or academic; for others, day-to-day University life can be a constant struggle.

How Nightline Supports Students


Keele Nightline runs every night of term, we ensure that listening support is available to all Keele students when they need it. We also offer unique volunttering oppertunities to students, allowing them to earn valuable skills and to help other students.

Keele Nightline has been widely praised for its work, our volunteers frequently recieve high commendation for their commitment and dedication through Keele SU's volunteering award scheme.